About SourceBans++

SourceBans++ is a majorly improved version of SourceBans 1.4.11 which was developed by GameConnect. Those major improvements include a new design, more stable web application, login via steam account and much more community made customizations.

Features of SourceBans++

Manage all of your admin rights on all of your servers in one central web panel and never worry again about adding or revoking rights to your admins.

Gather all your bans across multiple source games and manage them via one web panel. You can also issue communication bans with SourceBans++.

SouceBans++ will give you a more stable and userfriendly experience to manage your game bans.


Choose between the stable release or the latest dev version

Stable Release

Version 1.6.2

This is the latest stable release. It's recommended to use this release if you want to have as little bugs as possible.

Latest Dev Version

Version 1.6.3

This is the latest dev version. If you want to check out new features you can use this release, but it can include bugs and instability.

Found any bugs or need help installing SourceBans++?

If you want to report bugs please open an issue on GitHub. If you need any help installing SourceBans++ please consult our FAQ.


Latest changes in the newest Versions of SourceBans++

(04/07/17): Version 1.6.2

01. ! Fixed issue with group Banning
02. ! Fixed AmxBans import issue
03. ! Fixed possible XSS Injection
04. + Adjusted regex for CSGO
05. + Added option to disable 'comms' tab
06. ! Fixed bugs with SteamID format
07. ! Fixed version checks
08. ? Git version is now only shown in dev builds
09. ! Fixed issue with email links
10. * Added session based logins