1.6.3 Release 🔖

Changes within 1.6.3 release

What’s new ✨

  • Plugins
    • + Discord: Listens for SBPP_OnBanPlayer() and the new SBPP_OnReportPlayer() natives and forwards it to the designated Discord webhook with PR #420

    • + Report: Uses the new SBPP_ReportPlayer() to insert reports into the submissions table, reachable via Admin Panel -> Bans -> Ban submissions with PR #408 closing #407

    • Main: Now whenever a banned client joins, it will mend the IP column with the corresponding value if the column is previously empty with PR #406 closing issue #187

    • Checker: Now supports communication ban lookup & verbose for communication bans upon connect with PR #398 closing #188

    • Sleuth: Added sm_sleuth_excludeold and sm_sleuth_excludetime convars to allow the exclusion of old permanent ban entries with PR #356 closing #352

Breaking Changes 💥

  • Native Namespace Change: For SourceBans++ to not clash with the original SourceBans, we needed to change the include file from sourcebans.inc to sourcebanspp.inc and change all the calls & forwards to be prefixed with SBPP with PR #415 closing #414
  • Along with the new SourceQuery library, it also added a dependency: GMP extension

Changes 🎨

  • Available ban time length has been moved to sourcebans.cfg config file instead of being hard coded with PR #349

Performance ⚡

  • CServerInfo has been replaced with xPaw’s SourceQuery library for a better querying performance with PR #360

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Steam community OpenID HTTPS protocol 0d9ef4b

  • Users unable to change account password with PR #324 closing issue #323

  • PHP 7 Smarty deprecation warnings has been addressed with PR #387 and #399 closing issue #368 and #382

  • Session mutes/gags not being reapplied when a client disconnect with PR #384 closing issue #309

  • Improper timezone calculation & mess with PR #363 closing issue #362

  • Ban reason being double encoded with PR #342 closing issue #341

  • Admin and target being invalid inside SourceComms forward with PR #338 and #330

  • HackingReason menu not cleaned when config reads from scratch with PR #349

  • Group ban capping to 1000 members (Steam pagination) with PR #337 addressing #299

  • Server list hostname display with PR #364

  • Bans and comms page ajax call with PR #365

  • Client X is not in game has been addressed with PR #392

  • Marked SBPP_BanPlayer() as optional native with PR #388

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