Could not find driver "MySQL"

Could not find driver "MySQL".


  • Ensure you have installed the mysql extension of your PHP version (Ex: php7.2-mysql)
  • Ensure pdo_mysql module is loaded, check phpinfo() for this


  • Please make sure (dbi.mysql.ext.dll on Windows) extension exists and check if it is loaded via sm exts list

  • Make sure the extension is executable via chmod u+x

  • Install zlib (Requires SSH Access)

    • 32-Bit Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install zlib1g

    • 64-Bit Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install lib32z1

    • 32/64-Bit Fedora: yum install zlib.i686

    • 32/64-Bit Mandriva: urpmi zlib1

    • 32-Bit SUSE: zypper install libz1

    • 64-Bit SUSE: zypper install libz1-32bit

  • If all of the above does not work, use ldd -d -r to look for missing dependencies, and use Google to look them up