Debugging Connection

Addresses connection issue on server lists & RCON.

Check list

  • Your host is not blocking any traffic on your game server port (UDP Incoming & TCP Outgoing)

  • Your game server is online to people outside of your network w/o any error on binding

  • You can connect to server in-game

  • You can use RCON through in-game console, if not view TCP Error below

Using the debug tool

In SourceBans++’s root directory, there’s a connection debug tool named sb_debug_connection.php

Edit this section of that file with the corresponding server info

 * Config part
 * Change to IP and port of the gameserver you want to test
$serverip   = "";
$serverport = 27015;
$serverrcon = ""; // You only need to specify this, if you want to test the rcon tcp connection either! Leave blank if it's only the serverinfo erroring.

Once complete, navigate to the file in your browser, and if done properly it will attempt to connect to the specified server.

UDP Error

  • Make sure your host is not blocking UDP Incoming

  • If hosting locally, make sure you are port forwarding correctly

  • Make sure your game server did not ban your web server’s IP using listip, if banned: remove it from cfg/banned_ip.cfg and using removeip IP via RCON

TCP Error

  • Make sure your host is not blocking TCP Outgoing

  • Make sure your server is explicitly IP binded, do so using -ip launch parameter

  • If you are unable to use RCON through in-game console, append -usercon to launch parameter