Common inquiries that we have compiled.

Plugin Ban player option is missing in SourceMod’s admin menu!

Most likely SourceMod’s basebans.smx was still loaded when you installed SourceBans' game plugin. The game plugin automatically disables basebans.smx, but your server needs to be restarted for the “Ban player” option to come available.

Some hosters might disallow plugins to move files. Make sure the basebans.smx is in the plugins/disabled folder.

Web Player list displays “Max Players” instead of all the players

Add host_players_show 2 to your server.cfg or any startup config file

Web Why is Sourcebans++ not sending email reports to me (the owner)?

This is because, by default, the owner account is not assigned to any permission group.

Navigate to Admin Settings, edit, and assign yourself to an admin group

Web I accidently locked myself out by having Steam only login, how can I fix this?

Using a database query tool (Ex: PHPMyAdmin), goto _settings table and modify config.enablesteamlogin setting and set the value to 1

Web Why is the webpanel showing me a blank white page?

This is because PHP has encountered a fatal error and cannot show any more of the page.

To show the error message that PHP has produced, you will need to navigate to your web server’s log directory and look for PHP’s error log (Apache Default: /var/log/apache2/error.log)

Plugin Why does the game plugin error log tell me “Database failure: Could not find database conf “sourcebans”?

You forgot to add the “sourcebans” section to SourceMod’s databases.cfg, as instructed in the quickstart.