Fundamental of translating web panel & plugin.

Web Panel

  1. Navigate to the root directory of your SourceBans++ installation’s themes folder

  2. Make a copy of the default theme, rename it to a name of your choosing and navigate to it

  3. Modify theme.conf.php to reflect the configuration and save

    // Set the name of this theme here
    define('theme_name', "SourceBans++ Default Theme");
    // Set the author of this theme here
    define('theme_author', "IceMan, SourceBans++ Dev Team");
    // Set the version of the theme here
    define('theme_version', "1.5.5-dev");
    // Set the link of the theme here
    define('theme_link', "");
    // Set the screenshot filename for your theme (must be inside your theme folder)
    // Must be:  250px wide  X 170px High
    define('theme_screenshot', "screenshot.jpg");
  4. Modify each file ending .tpl file

  5. Modify the body content of the file


  1. Navigate to SourceMod’s translations directory

  2. The files you will need to modify are sourcebans.phrases.txt, sourcecomms.phrases.txt, and sourcesleuth.phrases.txt

  3. Within Phrases key section, for each sub key sections, append a key value pair, with the two letter language code being the key and the value being the translation (If #format kv pair is present, be sure to follow it)

For more information regarding SourceMod translation, view SourceMod’s Translation article