Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having difficulty installing SourceBans++, can you help me?

We would love to! But first, we would like you read through our quickstart, inquiries, and other docs first! If you are still having problem after that, feel free ask for help in the relevant help channel in our Discord guild.

Can I use SourceBans++ without the WebPanel?

At minimum you are required to use the WebPanel to go through the installation and configuration process, and to add all of your game servers to the panel. In theory past this point you could stop using the WebPanel, and SB++ would continue to work, however you would lose access to lots of core functionality like: Adding new Servers, Creating new Admins and Modifying Bans or Handling appeals. It is for this reason we would highly recommend you use the entire package, including the WebPanel, at all times.

When will SourceBans++ 2.0 be released?

Next Summer in Valve Timeā„¢

I want to contribute!

That’s great! You can help by taking a stab at the triaged issues we have!